Portfolio Builder Power Shoot

Portfolio Power Shoot description:

The Kris Cole team will walk you through the process of prepping for a professional photo
shoot from beginning to end. Every style professional desires the perfect images in their
portfolio. Images that display all of their talents and skills in a breathtaking manner. You
have admired photos in magazines and on the websites of other artist and wondered what
it would take to bring your talent and gift to life. This workshop will not only provide you
with the opportunity to do that, but it will also put you ahead of the competition by
providing a jumpstart into the heart of a great marketing tool…..your portfolio. If prepared
properly these photos will assist you in obtaining meaningful WORK turning your dream
into a career. If you bring the talent and ability we will provide the rest. Our talented crew
along with the knowledge obtained from the prerequisite course is a recipe for SUCCESS!

A shoot of this quality, complexity, and connections could take years to conduct using your
basic skills and network. Starting out as a new freelance stylist I conducted several
disappointing casting calls, begged the best agencies in Atlanta for models, and surfed
amateur model and stylist portfolios for a competitive, professional grade crew before I
figured out the correct formula. The time and energy this caliber of photo shoot will save
you can easily shave 1-2 years from the learning curve and searching period.

What participants will receive:

Professional quality images for your portfolio
Expert direction from the Kris Cole team
Access to a celebrity photographer
Access to a celebrity hair and make up artist
Access to Academy network members (stylist/artist)
Access to top industry elite models
Access to fully stocked stylist kit and equipment
Membership to the Kris Cole Style Academy network
Style process direction from the Kris Cole team of experts
A real life photo shoot session with the best in the industry
Hands on learning and knowledge of procedures and processes
Hands on business coaching regarding the before and after shoot prepping process
Real time mock photo shoot setting.The number of images (looks) you receive will
depend on your ability to change and prepare your model in a set time frame.
Homework and assignments beforehand to better prepare for shoot day


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****both options will include a celebrity photographer****


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