At the Kris Cole Style Academy the advantage is clear, we are WORKING industry leaders with real time knowledge of what’s going on in the industry currently. Our workshops are much like journals into the lives of celebrity stylist, image consultants, hair stylist, make-up artist, manicurist, and frelance entrepreneurs. There is no greater tool which displays credibility than knowledge. There is no greater knowledge than hands on learning from the BEST!

In our Academy we walk side by side with you on your journey to becoming a credible and successful business owner. Our courses are comprehensive and not a flash in the pan approach. By sharing our years of experience, victories, and mistakes we easily shave 5 years off of the learning curve. Our fast paced workshops give you 16 hours or more of instruction in each course.

Kris Cole Style Academy workshops are ideal for future and current individuals who want to have credible, holistic, hands-on experience and networking tools. Our workshops are also ideal for individuals who want a mainstream appeal. We don’t believe in isolating our students talents into categories such as, urban, celebrity, or corporate. We believe in creating holistic brands of excellence that cross all borders, demographics, and expectations. We believe in creating the BEST based upon our students goals!

Our courses include business plan creation (foundation), marketing techniques, portfolio building, client consultations, and much more. Our background in education, corporate worlds and business development allow us to offer a unique experience that’s informative, clear, exciting, and FUN! If you want to understand how the industry works, how to enhance your talent, and how to keep clients coming back the Kris Cole Style Academy has been designed exclusively for you!