Since 2008 U.S. women have only earned 77 cents on the male dollar. That number decreases to 68 percent for African-American women and 58 percent for Latinas: It is time for these numbers to change. After reading this article, consider the changes you may need to make to earn your dollar.

Since 2008 U.S. women have only earned 77 cents on the male dollar.

1. Look out for yourself: Agreeing to do every task may show that you are competent, but it does not show your assertiveness. Instead of accepting a task where you will be assisting, accept a leadership role. Many opportunities for businesses occur during the holidays where you can take the lead in the effort to collect toys and clothing for a shelter or the Salvation Army. Dedicate yourself to this role by writing an outline and expected results. Also, hand it to your boss so that he or she realizes your dedication. Stick to it!

2. Do not make excuses: Instead of offering explanations, fix your mistake.

3. Believe in yourself: When you have an idea, believe in it. Be clear and firm when telling your ideas to others. People notice when you feel unsure about something you tell them.

4. Speak up for yourself: Instead of being reasonable, be assertive. Men usually ask for what they think they deserve, but there is a right and a wrong way to ask. The right way to ask is to speak to your boss privately. The wrong way is complaining to your co-workers and telling them what you will say to your boss. Words float around offices fast. Your wants and needs should pertain to work and stay between you and your boss.

5. Keep your guard up: Your work environment may not always be so happy-go-lucky. Stay out of messy situations such as gossip and if a co-worker speaks to you privately about a situation, that conversation should not go anywhere else. Pack that conversation away in your “I don’t know anything about this” compartment in your head. Do not get involved in the situation at hand.

Men usually ask for what they want: It is time to speak up for yourself.

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  1. Great article! I think this is very beneficial for young professionals entering the workforce and may also serve as a refresher for those that have been at it for a while.

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