Forty-five percent of employers use social netoworking sites to screen job candidates.

The heat is on! There are millions of job seekers searching and competing for new career opportunities this summer. Not long ago, job seekers mailed cover letters, resumes, and work samples to potential employers in hopes of landing an interview. Now seekers can submit their materials online to potential employers from the comfort of their homes or local libraries. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and countless other social media facets, employers have easy access to receiving a more intimate glimpse of their candidates before the interview process.

According to a Career survey in 2009, 45 percent of 2,600 employers reported that they use social networking sites to screen job candidates. Eleven percent said they would begin to use networking sites as screening tools. The top industries most likely to screen job candidates online include specialists in information technology (63 percent) and professional and business services (53 percent).

Employers can now receive a more intimate glimpse of their candidates before the interview process thanks to social media sites.

So before you click submit, be cautious of your online image. The following are ways to filter your social networking sites.

Keep in mind that you are not the only person striving to land their ideal job. Job searching is competitive, so revamp your social media profiles as if you know that a potential employer will see them. Someone is always watching!

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