Your strappy sundress may be perfect for summer but exposed armpits are a no go for the office.

With temperatures across the country hovering near boiling, it should come as no surprise that most of us have been dying to inject a little summer fun into our work wardrobes. Before you step into those shorts or pull on that cropped top, here are a few things to consider when merging your summer style with your 9-5:

Beach wear is for beaches not the boardroom. Your summer work wardrobe should not include anything you would wear to a beach, amusement park, or backyard barbecue. So steer-clear-of flip-flops, even if they are dressy flip-flops, anything cropped, rompers, and anything that exposes way too much skin.

Let the sunshine in with brightly colored pieces. Add a heap of instant summer to your work wear by simply swapping navy, brown, and black for brighter hues. You can also play with the season’s hottest trend, color blocking, by wearing a top and skirt in contrasting or complimentary colors.

Ropers, bustiers, mini skirts and cut-offs belong at the beach not in the boardroom.

Keep cool in lightweight fabrics. There is a reason that wool and flannel suits disappear from the shelves in spring. Instead of trying to summer up your fall and winter weight suits, invest in a cotton or linen number to keep you cool and dry as you trek from the car to the office. Speaking of linen, your linen suit should have a similar cut to the wool ones you wear in winter and should not make you look like a guest at a party in the Hamptons.

Use prints and patterns to add interest.Take your Monday through Friday top and slacks/skirt combo up a notch by adding a floral or nautical striped top into the rotation. Beware of any print that resembles the Hawaiian shirt your dad brought back from vacation, that kind of kitsch is best left in gift shops, retirement homes, and ironic tiki parties.

Bare your toes at your own risk. Some offices are okay with you wearing sandals, not flip flops, to work while some have a strict closed toe only policy. If your higher ups are okay with you baring all, when it comes to your feet of course, please be sure that your feet are ready for their close-up from toe to heel. A quick to the local nail shop for a pedicure is a must. Also stick with sandal styles that enclose your heel, incase they’re not camera ready, and that have a sturdy yet comfy bottom. An espadrille is a great way to add height while staying comfortable and work appropriate.

Bright colors, lightweight fabrics, and fun prints are the right way to add summer style to your work wardrobe.

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