2012 Not-Hot List: The top 10 trends that should NOT have been

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to be more personally active with blog post while showing a bit of my personality as well (hope you’re ready). I have a tendency to be a bit passionate when it comes to hideous trends therefore this post is not for everyone (sensitive ones/violators). ****Disclaimer #1: If you […]

Haute Holiday Makeup

It is finally time to go above and beyond the smoky eye look and rock your haute holiday makeup- shimmery eyes, lavish lips, glowing skin, and bold lashes. To get your magical makeup look, follow these tips: 1. Moisture and conceal- Always apply a lightweight moisturizer, such as Oil of Olay Complete ($4 at most […]

‘Tis the Season for a Little Cape Coat

As the temperature takes a more chilling and rather surprising toll on all of us, this is the time that we can appreciate the fashion world’s ability to predict its own version of a “forecast.” Much like you, I too have been scrambling to find my winter’s coat within the past few days, but unfortunately, […]

Finding Your Flare

You are at home, relaxing in front of your television. A commercial pops up with dancing models who are singing about how beautiful and lean they look in their flares. Your first thought may be, “What? Flares are back?” Soon after that thought, the long and lean lyrics continuously playback in your head. Do flares […]

Make-up and the Boardroom: Will wearing make-up earn you more?

It is important to show your company and your colleagues that you care about how you represent them, physically. Women who wear make-up generally get better jobs, quicker promotions, and a pay increase (Times Online UK). The way that you physically present yourself is the packaging of your personal brand. Whether you like it or […]

The Bold Bordeaux: This Fall’s Hottest Color

Bordeaux has made a bold burst onto the fall fashion color watch. Bordeaux is a rich combination of red, purple, and a hint of brown. A good example of this color is a blush wine. Bordeaux is versatile and it can revamp your brown, black, navy, khaki, and grey work pants or skirts. Neiman Marcus […]

Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits!

Fit should always be the primary factor in garment selection. No matter how gorgeous the dress or how sharp the jacket, if it does not fit properly you may as well leave it on the rack. Despite knowing how important fit is, many of us go to the register time after time and purchase things […]

Bring A Little Summer Chic to Your 9-5 Routine

With temperatures across the country hovering near boiling, it should come as no surprise that most of us have been dying to inject a little summer fun into our work wardrobes. Before you step into those shorts or pull on that cropped top, here are a few things to consider when merging your summer style […]

Summer Essentials: The LWD

With temperatures hovering in the 70s, and reaching the 80s in some parts of the country, spring is on its way out and summer will soon be here. Nothing is more appropriate for the slew of cocktail parties, rooftop events, and summer soirées that fill your calendar this season than the LBD’s cooler step-sister, the […]

5 Spring Essentials for Men

Spring is here, summer is only a few weeks away and being the well dressed gentleman that you are, the search is on for the last few pieces to round out your summer wardrobe. Never fear, we have the five essential items you need to make it through a summer filled with weekends with the […]