Email has taken the place of the interpersonal connection that we once had with the world.  With just a simple click of the mouse we can communicate with people all around the world without ever leaving our desk.  Before you blast your next email into cyberspace at work, remember to steer clear of these mistakes. Here are a few tips:

  1. Subject is important! The subject line is an essential piece to email.  Due to the large amount of emails received daily, you want to ensure your email is read and given the proper attention it deserves.
  2. Be Concise: Be sure to get to the point.  The idea of sending an email is to get to the point quickly and get your questions answered without writing a novel.
  3. Personalize your message.  Although email is a bit informal, make sure you address your recipient appropriately.  For instance, if you wouldn’t walk up to them and address them by their first name, it isn’t ok now.
  4. Spell Check! Be sure to spell check your email.  Remember spell check simply corrects misspelled words and not words used incorrectly.  Be sure you have used the appropriate words for what you are trying to express.  It is a representation of you.
  5. Send personal emails when you get home!  Both the address and all correspondence, is the property of the company you work for and could be accessed by a database administrator at any time.  Be careful when forwarding email, you know those funny emails that seem to be filtered throughout the office.  Although, at times it is important to forward, or attach a previous email to keep the reader up to speed on the conversation. Basically, use caution!

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