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Fashion Styling 1.0 Entry Level: Breaking Into Celebrity Fashion Styling + Personal Shopping $197 Student $347 General (1 Day)

**This course is also the prerequisite training requirement for PAID stylist assistants and interns applying to work for Kris Cole Image Consulting. **

Participants will learn the difference between Fashion Styling and Personal Shopping. You will experience a day in the life of an assistant good, bad and ugly! There will be lots of fun hands on activities, challenges, and real life scenarios including a field trip to Atlanta’s #1 designer show room! Kris will also show you exactly what she requires of her assistants and interns from set etiquette to returns and pull prep from those who have inquired about employment.

This course will also give the participants access to interview with Kris’s panelist and fashion industry network of Pros!

Course will cover:
  • Fashion Styling Do’s and Don’ts
  • Set Etiquette (working with celebrities)
  • Paperwork and documentation
  • Fashion Styling vs Personal Shopping
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Resume Essentials
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Wardrobe Audits
  • Photo Shoots
  • Prepping + Wrapping Out
  • Pulling From Show Rooms and Designers
  • Social Media Presence (Your personal brand)
  • The Unspoken RULES!

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Fashion Styling 2.0 The Business: Contracts, Rates, Agreements, Brand Building, Marketing $397 (1 Day or 101)

This fast paced and exciting course is ideal for the stylist who may have already assisted or interned with a reputable stylist and is now interested in elevating their career to the next level by building their portfolio and learning the business fundamentals. This course will provide the business forms, paperwork, and portfolio prep essentials for the emerging stylist. Being able to dress people well is great but the goal should be to know what to charge and to build not only a lucrative but respected career and reputation!

Course will cover:
  • Portfolio Review (Kris will assess and give feedback on your current portfolio)
  • Setting Rates and fees (relevant to your region)
  • Photo Shoots
  • Agency Representation
  • Marketing: Getting PAYING clients
  • Brand Essentials
  • Website Review (Kris will review your website for gaps and functionality)
  • Deal Memos
  • Proposals + Presentations
  • Incorporating Your Company
  • Trademarks and Copyright

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Fashion Styling 3.0 You’re Hired, Now What? You have the client or job. Now what? $497 (1 Day or 1 0n 1)

This fast paced, action packed course answers the question os “Now What?”. You assisted and interned, you learned the spoken and unspoken rules, you have your business forms, portfolio, proposal ready and test shoots under your belt. Are you ready to go when the call comes?  You get the call that someone has a client for you. They want to do a photo shoot or closet organization and want to know what your process is and “HOW MUCH?”. What do you do now?

If you don’t know the answer then you should be enrolling NOW! We will not only walk you through the entire process , but we will go out with you into the field on a shopping trip and you will be challenged with the task of completing the job. Kris Cole will asses the job after your completion and give you feedback from start to FINISH!

Course will cover:
  • Field Trip/Shopping Challenge with celebrity stylist Kris Cole
  • Intaking clients (proper forms and etiquette)
  • Phone + Email Etiquette
  • Buying +Pulling +Return 101
  • Photo shoot prep/plan
  • Working with celebrities
  • Record keeping
  • Closet Audit Prep
  • Glam Squad Team Building
  • Photographer Selection
  • Kit Essentials
  • Shopping trip set up procedures

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Corporate Level Image Consulting|Training|Speaking $1800 (3 Days):

Learn how to train corporate executives on the topics of dress code, first impressions, and brand development. Learn how to facilitate fun and informative presentations to fortune 500 and 100 companies while building your professional portfolio. Break into one of the fastest growing and lucrative careers today!

Course will cover:
  • Corporate Presentations and modules
  • Building clients
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Contracts/Proposals
  • Personal image

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Portfolio Power Photo Shoot

During this photo shoot session you and your model will receive the celebrity treatment. After all the portfolio is one of the most important aspect of your career as a stylist! It shouldn’t be rushed or taken lightly. Kris Cole will make sure she walks you through the process from story board to REALITY! We create looks that will get you OPPORTUNITY and WORK!

Course will cover:
  • 4-5 edited photos “looks” with a Celebrity Photographer to build or start your print and digital portfolio
  • Agency Signed Model
  • Glam squad (hair/make up)
  • Coaching from Kris Cole prior to and during the shoot
  • A small group stress free setting designed specifically to build your portfolio
  • NO rush or fight for clothing or the photographers time
  • You will also learn how to shop for your own clothing the same way that you would in the REAL world.

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Private 1 0n 1 Laser Coaching Session $199 hr. (SKYPE & In Person available)

Our Private Coaching sessions are designed for individuals who are seeking a customized learning experience. These one-on-one sessions are ideal for those interested in obtaining answers to specific question that they may have regarding starting or enhancing a career in image consulting or fashion styling.

Course will cover:
  • portfolio/resume/website reviews
  •  brand strategy
  • marketing strategies
  • invoices, billing, documentation
  • resume development
  • client intake forms and questionnaire

Private Coaching Sessions are reserved by appointment only and customized for each client. A deposit of half is due to reserve the date. The remaining balance is due upon completion.
Virtual sessions are also available for long distance learners.


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December 8, 2018 (12:00 p.m- 6:00 p.m)






















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