Don’t let these tough economic times allow you to think you can’t achieve a corporate look for less while aiming to impress hiring managers and potential employers.  Trust me, it can be done! We’ve all been in your shoes and money can be very tight as a student. Now isn’t the time to run to the stores and max out your parent’s credit card buying the chicest suit out there! Once your resume is complete, your next focus should be to set yourself apart visually. Here is how you can achieve this complete look for under $300.00.  Remember this is an investment into your future, but should not break the bank!

The essentials and where you can get it:

  1. The key factor: Invest in a basic black suit that has a lot of versatility. ($150.00 and up, Express) Suggestion: Express Pinstripe Suit Jacket , Express Pinstripe Skirt
  2. Go the extra mile: Purchase a bold print or ruffled blouse to add character to your outfit. ($30.00 to $40.00, Target) Suggestion: Blouse
  3. Step it up a notch! Purchase a basic black pump. Be sure to always wear heels, they not only look better professionally, but aid in posture as well. ($50.00 and up, Nine West, also visit your nearest Marshalls or TJ Maxx , you are sometimes able to luck up on a great find for half the price) Suggestion: Nine West Basic Black Pump
  4. “Make a statement.” Accessorize with a statement piece of jewelry. Pair with a basic top or tone it down a bit with a slightly embellished necklace. Remember your goal is to spice up your typically boring black interview suit and hopefully give the interviewer something to remember ($10.00, Forever 21) Suggestion: Forever 21 Braided Beads and Chain Necklace
  5. Extras: Belt the suit! Add a belt to the suit! The idea here is to add contour and accentuate your natural body shape ($10.00, Forever 21)  Suggestion: Forever 21 Waist Belt
  6. Lastly, don’t be a bag lady! Finish off the look with a simple, but sleek bag that’s large enough to carry your portfolio. ($40.00 and up, Macy’s) Suggestion: Kenneth Cole Reaction Tote

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