Interpersonal relationships are formed in everyday social and cultural environments. These environments include family, friends, organizations, neighbors,employees, and co-workers. The following five tips can help you develop a more positive attitude when interacting with people you see everyday.

1.      Don’t condemn or criticize others  Instead of telling people they are doing something incorrect, say, “What direction were you taking with this?” Listen and then suggest solutions that can benefit the both of you.

2.      Admit when you are wrong  Refusing to admit that you are wrong can damage the trust that others have in you. If you made a mistake, admit it so that both parties involved can move on.

3.      Make others feel important  If someone is special to you, be sincere and let them know! You can do this by telling them personally or writing them a note of thanks. You can also make others feel important by being genuinely interested in them.

4.      Give people an infectious smile  Smiles make others feel good and more relaxed around you. You want others to feel comfortable around you.

5.      Be a good listener  Listen more than you talk, and encourage others to talk about themselves. You will quickly develop good interpersonal skills by practicing this.

Make others feel important around you by smiling, listening, and being sincere.

Positive interpersonal relations techniques will show others that you are supportive and genuine. When putting these techniques into effect, you allow personal growth and also gain positive feedback from others.

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