For this 2011 holiday season, go above and beyond the smoky eye look.

It is finally time to go above and beyond the smoky eye look and rock your haute holiday makeup- shimmery eyes, lavish lips, glowing skin, and bold lashes. To get your magical makeup look, follow these tips:

1. Moisture and conceal- Always apply a lightweight moisturizer, such as Oil of Olay Complete ($4 at most drug stores). After moisturizing, apply concealer. Beautiful skin begins with a concealer that hides your dark spots and redness.

Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer, $20

3. Glow like a goddess- You cannot help but adore Beyonce’s beautiful, luminous skin. Although it is getting cooler outside, bronzer adds warmth to your cool holiday makeup look. After brushing bronzer over your cheeks, apply a touch of color them. For tips on choosing the right bronze for your skin, click on this link.

4. Let your eyes shine- Glam up your eyes with a pearly or golden shimmer. You can also line your eyes with a felt-tip eyeliner. Felt-tip liners are easier to handle and adds drama with ease to your festive eyes. To add more drama, apply lavish lashes. Make sure that you curl them first, apply to your lash line with a thin strip of glue, and then apply mascara. It is also trendy to add a few rhinestones for a more dramatic look. For polished brows, fill them in with a pencil one shade lighter than your natural hair color.

Make your eyes shimmer with Milani Baked Eyeshadow, $8 at most drug stores.

5. Make your lips say something serious- For fair-skinned complexions, try bright reds with pink undertones. For dark complexions, use deeper shades like bordeaux or brown-red.

Bright eyes and bold lips always make a statement at holiday parties.

Have a safe and haute holiday!

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