Yes, it looks great but do not forget she was booed by the press because she could barely walk in it.

Fit should always be the primary factor in garment selection. No matter how gorgeous the dress or how sharp the jacket, if it does not fit properly you may as well leave it on the rack. Despite knowing how important fit is, many of us go to the register time after time and purchase things that are too small, too large, or is not well proportioned. We buy things with the intention of losing weight to fit into them or take them to a tailor to have them fitted but neglect our diets and forget about getting the necessary alterations.  After a few weeks of siting in our closet we either forget that we have the ill fitting garments or, gasp, wear them anyway. To prevent you from falling into this no win situation, here are a few tips to make sure that the gloves, shoes, and dresses all fit.

Even celebrities have fit issues.

Always, always, try things on! Everyone hates getting undressed, dressed, and redressed, however they are called fitting rooms for a reason. Even if you know your size, not all brands are cut the same, different styles within a brand are cut differently, and not everything looks as perfect on the hanger as it does on your body. So the next time you are shopping make sure to carve out enough time to slip on those jeans, it will save you time and hassle when you have to return the ill fitting item later.

If it gapes, gathers, bunches, or pulls, it does not fit. In the words of Joan Rivers “Just because it zips, honey, doesn’t mean it fits.” Having a little room in a garment is fine, you may want to get it tailored, it may shrink a bit in the wash or your weight may fluctuate, however having enough room that you can put a hand in your pants and pull them away from you probably means you need to go down a size.On the other side of the coin, if you can’t bend or move in something without popping a button, bursting a seam, or pulling a zipper, go up a size…now.

If you have to pull, tug, smooth, readjust it every few minutes, it does not fit. Clothes are meant to be put on and left alone. There should be no need to tug at your skirt as you walk down the street or pull up your jeans every couple of steps. If you find yourself playing tug-o-war with something when you try it on, it will not magically fit when you leave the store.

Bring a friend when you shop. While you may not trust your best friend’s choice in men, you can probably trust her to tell you the truth about whatever you are trying on. As your friend it is her duty not to let you walk out of the store in ill fitting clothes so be sure to bring a pal who has no problem telling you the awful truth.

Become best friends with your tailor. Very few people can grab something off the rack and achieve a flawless fit without a few nips and tucks from their tailor. Since everything from keeping the original hem on your jeans when taking them up to getting that Seville Row fit from your newest suit depends on the skilled hand of your tailor, be sure to get to as friendly with him as you are with your local barista.

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