The body of the resume is most important because it details your personal contributions to the workplace of your previous employers. 

Use short sentences and common words. Using this tactic will allow you to communicate quickly and help the reader easily understand what it is you’re trying to say. There is no need to include lengthy words in an effort to sound more knowledgeable or experienced. This in fact can often alter the point you have tried to make, and will often lead to confusion. 

We recommend that you do not use words such as I, you, my, they, it, etc. The personal pronoun “I” can make sentences seem unprofessional and if used very often within the resume can sound repetitive and boring. 

The tone of your resume should be conversational and formal. It should be easy to read and allows the reader to get a personal feel of who you are as a potential employee. 

Below is a sample resume from for a bank manager. Check the link for additional help. 


Anderson Mathews
Bob John Street
Houston, Texas 77034
(315) 525–5145 

OBJECTIVEAspire to join the bank a head en-cashing my strength and capability. 


  • Ten years experience as Assistant manager in different domestic and international banks.
  • Got expedited the huge investment projects.
  • Opened 75% new saving accounts.
  • Re started the closed or dormant accounts.
  • Awarded for exceptional contribution in the financial sector working as a bank manager.


  • High School from ABC school in 19XY
  • Graduation (in Commerce)  from ABC college or University
  • Post Graduation(in Commerce) from ABC college or University


A diploma course in Banking and Commerce in 19XX. 


DFT BANK, MERIDIAN from 2005 – Present 

Branch Manager 

  • Sanction the checks and drafts to the customers.
  • Distribute the pass-books, check-books and ATM cards.
  • Send the acknowledgment letter to the new customers.
  • Open the saving accounts.
  • Change the responsibilities to the staffers to boost their power.
  • Supervise the functioning of entire banks.
  • Hear the complaints of customers and sort them out immediately.
  • Conduct a regular meeting to keep an update of the bank’s functioning.
  • Make regular entry of the interests in to the accounts of customers.

AMERICAN BANK from 1998 – 2005 

Dy  Manager 

  • Collected the drafts and checks and made entry in the computers.
  • Kept records of cash credited and debited.
  • Opened the saving, current and joint accounts of the customers.
  • Made customers available the demand drafts, pay slips, with-drawl forms.
  • Sold several policies on mutual funds.
  • Executed the insurance plans completing approximately 65% of target. 

AMRO BANK from 1995 – 1998 


  • Handled all the transaction including cash payment and depositing of the cash in to the accounts.
  • Assisted the customers as a customer care executive as well.


  • Command over English and French  
  • Complete software knowledge
  • Good orator and communicator

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