Visiting your local library can help you freshen up your skills in the workplace.

You may think you are ready to work, but being ready is not enough these days. Employers not only want people who are work-ready, but they need people who know how to work. Workplace skills increase productivity and your chances for a promotion. The following are skills you need at a potential or current job:

Basic Skills

Reading, writing, math, and technology- you know, those things you thought were a waste of time back in school. You will be expected to read and understand policies, write proposals, and analyze statistics. These are just a few tasks that you may be expected to complete with the help of your basic skills.Technology is important, too. Most organizations rely on computer software, copiers, and fax machines. If you need to brush up on these basic skills, visit your local library and ask a librarian to assist you with theĀ  electronic equipment and computer programs.

Thinking Skills

Logical reasoning is extremely important on the job. Great thinking skills help you solve problems, use good judgment, boost creativity, and persuade others. You can develop these skills by brainstorming alone or with a partner to find possible solutions to a difficult issue going on in your community. Playing board games that require creativity, planning, and logic can also enhance your thinking skills.

Communication Skills

If you want to get along with others, be a good communicator. Good communicators think before they speak, they listen and ask questions if they don’t understand, and they make an effort to get along with others by exuding a pleasant attitude. Practice becoming a good communicator by taking advantage of speaking opportunities and watching your body language when you talk in front of a mirror.

Developing workplace skills takes practice. Take advantage of resources you have available to you such as continuing education courses, seminars, librarians, mentors, and preachers, too. A preacher once told me, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” So, if it is for you to gain a job promotion, it is up to you to develop the skills that require that promotion. You can do it!

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