Corporate Social Responsibility is the way an organization extends its hand

A few weeks ago, I attended a corporate social responsibility meeting sponsored by the Black Public Relations Society of Atlanta. The speaker was Ann Cramer, director of IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs. Ms.Cramer taught the attendees about the concept of social responsibility (CSR). Corporate Social Responsibility is the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on the society, the environment, and its own prosperity.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the way an organization extends its hand. There are five strategies an organization can use to extend its hand:

1. Ethics– Clients need to feel secure when they do business with you, so practice good ethics. Good ethics is good business, and companies that practice good ethics often have positive results.

2. Engagement– When employees are effectively and positively engaged with their organization, they form an emotional connection with the company. Engagement also involves clients.When your clients feel engaged with your company, they will refer others to your company.

3. Environmental Sustainability-Every organization should adopt sustainability strategies in order to protect the environment. In doing so, the company’s image is also enhanced.

4. Philanthropy– Bridge the gap by offering your product or service to people who cannot get it. This shows that your organization cares about others. It is best to partner with organizations that have a strong outreach background.

These approaches will help build your organization’s brand and reputation, and also strengthen your community and marketplace.¬† As a member of an organization, you have to understand your responsibility, know your beliefs, and realize where you stand. When you can do this, begin creating your strategic plan for social responsibility. Having a successful company is great, but giving back to your clients and community is much more greater.

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