I rarely wear flats or loafers, but these new Cristian Louboutins have me singing a whole other tune while scraping through the sofa for pocket change. I absolutely love these lace-ups with studded leather and slick patent contrast, but I’m not sure if I would invest this much in a somewhat trendy item. When spending over $500 for a shoe I like to make sure that it has some classic characteristics to avoid having to put them on and kick myself (stud side first) for breaking the bank. These may be a bit more edgy than classic but I LOVE them still the same. The overall style is classic so as you can see I’m still on the fence.

On the other hand if  YOU have the money to burn and the wardrobe to accommodate them I say GO FOR IT!!

P.S For the guys out there who are fashion forward, edgy, risk takers you can follow Kanye West and Pharelle’s lead by wearing these as well.

Freddie Studded Lace-up: May be Pre-Ordered at www.saksfifthavenue.com $995.00

The Rollerball: May Be Purchased now at www.saksfifthavenue.com

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